ZillaDribbbler: A Plugin for Showcasing Dribbble Shots

Dribbble is a tremendous community of designers that allows participants to show off works-in-progress, creative processes, and current projects. ZillaDribbbler is a super-simple, super-swish WordPress plugin for loading your latest Dribbble shots into any post, page or sidebar. Handy.

Perhaps spice up that “About Me” page you’ve been working on, by slamming your latest shots into your page with the ZillaDribbbler shortcode. Or, just no-look pass them into any sidebar with the ZillaDribbbler widget. Your call.

Nerdy stuff.

ZillaDribbbler uses the Dribbble API, WordPress HTTP API, and WordPress Transients API to grab, cache, and load your latest Dribbble shots. That means you’ll be show boatin’ shots with minimal impact on your site’s performance.

Like all of our plugins, ZillaDribbbler is completely free to use. Support is available to all those who have purchased a ThemeZilla theme and joined the Support Forum. Go download a copy.

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