1. Typography is important!

    Blogging basics: 4 tips for better typography

    Some people don’t like to read. If you’re an obsessive blogger who works in a vacuum, that might come as a bit of a shock, but it’s true. With so many other things to do (climbing mountains, traveling the world, taking risks, watching Netflix), people just aren’t reading like they used to. Sure, there are still some…

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  2. WordPress SEO for beginners

    Blogging basics: WordPress SEO for complete beginners

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is often made out to be a convoluted, mystifying, and secretive discipline that only trained specialists and enlightened “gurus” can make sense of. And when it comes to claiming prime real estate for an ultra-competitive search term like, say, “SEO,” there might be some truth to that. But SEO isn’t rocket science. Or…

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  3. newspaper headline

    Blogging basics: 5 tips for writing better post titles

    By the time we hit “Publish” on this post, some 2 million blog posts will already have been written today. Since you started reading this article, more than 50 posts have gone up on WordPress alone. For a new blogger trying to get his or her blog noticed, these numbers can seem daunting.

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  4. Blogging basics: Content syndication done right

    Building an audience is tough. While blogging might seem fun and easy at first — setting up your site, banging out a few introductory posts — it only takes a few months of posting great content into the abyss to understand why blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants.

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  5. Blogging basics: 5 tips for coming up with new content

    The blank white page. The empty screen. The blinking cursor. If part of your job includes coming up with ideas and creating content — heck, if you’ve ever done any serious writing at all — you’ve probably spent plenty of time staring at new documents, willing the words to come.

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  6. Why you (still) need a blog in 2015

    Don’t believe what you’ve heard — blogging isn’t dead. Sure, once-beloved platforms like LiveJournal and Blogger may have fallen out of favour, and “blogosphere” may no longer be something we say with a straight face, but blogging is alive and well and as important as ever.

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