Zinc, a Wordpress agency theme

Introducing Zinc, a super-powerful agency theme

The creative community is big. Really big. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of designers, developers, writers, photographers, interior decorators, fashion consultants and landscape architects all vying for attention. It can be hard to stand out—especially when everyone is so damn talented.

That’s why we created Zinc, a powerful and pliable WordPress theme for agencies and creative professionals wanting to make an impression. With Zinc you can build exactly the site you want, from the layout of your homepage to the colour of your icons and image overlays. No prescriptive templates, no cookie-cutter design features, just a rock-solid, infinitely customizable theme. Neat, hey?

Zinc’s standout features start on the homepage, where you can mix and match a variety of stylish elements to communicate the narrative of your agency. Want to draw attention to a new and noteworthy project? Put it front and centre in an image gallery or multimedia portfolio post. Have a particularly glowing review you want potential clients to see? Create a super-slick testimonial section. Your creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your homepage.

Another place Zinc really shines is its innovative and robust portfolio section. While many portfolio themes limit you to a block of text and some photos, Zinc lets you showcase your best work with galleries, videos, call-outs, and one ultra-cool animated stat counter. You know you want clients to know just how many bright ideas and caffeinated beverages went into that package design!

We’re super excited about everything Zinc can do, but we’re even more excited about what you can do with Zinc. If you’re down to make your agency theme stand out from the crowd, go grab Zinc now!

PSA: As of Sept. 29, 2017, you can no longer purchase themes from this website. We will continue to provide limited support, including bug fixes and security updates, until March 31, 2018. Thank you for everything. We'll miss you dearly.