1. Better advertising for your WordPress site

    Better advertising for your WordPress site

    People hate advertising. They hate how it interrupts their TV shows, Youtube videos and podcasts. They hate how it forces them to click away from something they have no interest in. And (for the most part) they hate being told to buy stuff they don’t need for problems they don’t have.

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  2. Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce, WordPress-Style

    A beginner’s guide to ecommerce, WordPress-style

    Whether you’re a professional photographer, amateur baker or aspiring florist, ecommerce is a great thing to get into—especially right now. Statistics continue to document the supersonic growth of ecommerce, and full-featured platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce have eliminated many of the technical barriers to entry, opening the door to virtually anyone with a product to sell.…

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  3. Improve Mobile UX

    9 tips for improving your site’s mobile UX

    In 2016, there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world, mobile searches exceed desktop searches, and the average person looks at their phone 46 times per day. With stats like that, it’s clear the debate over responsive design is over. We called it months ago when Google updated its search algorithm to reward mobile-friendly…

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  4. Champagne flutes

    5 New Year’s resolutions for your WordPress site

    We’re nearly three weeks into 2016, and you’ve probably cheated on your diet at least once. A few drinks may have been drunk since New Year’s Day. Your commitment to better budgeting and early morning workouts might also be wearing thin. Don’t despair. 

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  5. newspaper headline

    Blogging basics: 5 tips for writing better post titles

    By the time we hit “Publish” on this post, some 2 million blog posts will already have been written today. Since you started reading this article, more than 50 posts have gone up on WordPress alone. For a new blogger trying to get his or her blog noticed, these numbers can seem daunting.

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  6. Blogging basics: Content syndication done right

    Building an audience is tough. While blogging might seem fun and easy at first — setting up your site, banging out a few introductory posts — it only takes a few months of posting great content into the abyss to understand why blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants.

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