1. content-syndication

    Blogging basics: Content syndication done right

    Building an audience is tough. While blogging might seem fun and easy at first — setting up your site, banging out a few introductory posts — it only takes a few months of posting great content into the abyss to understand why blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants.

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  2. multiple-wp-sites

    Plugins for managing multiple WordPress sites

    As Forrest Gump’s momma always told him, WordPress sites are like a bowl of potato chips: you can never have just one. (That’s right, isn’t it?) Sometimes you end up with a manageable two or three. Other times it’s a real handful — 10, 20, 30, or even more.

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  3. blogging-basics-tips-content

    Blogging basics: 5 tips for coming up with new content

    The blank white page. The empty screen. The blinking cursor. If part of your job includes coming up with ideas and creating content — heck, if you’ve ever done any serious writing at all — you’ve probably spent plenty of time staring at new documents, willing the words to come.

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  4. analytics

    A beginner’s guide to analytics

    Running a website without analytics is like trying to navigate a foreign country without a map. You can move around, try to remember where you’ve already been, but you’ll never really know if you’re getting closer or farther away from your destination. Not all who wander are lost — but some are.

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