1. media-library

    Make life easier by organizing your media library

    Content management system — sounds like the epitome of organization, doesn’t it? Done right, it can be. But as anyone who’s ever tried to run one can you tell you, a squeaky-clean, clutter-free back end can quickly deteriorate into a mess of duplicate files and frustration.

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  2. blogs-matter

    Why you (still) need a blog in 2015

    Don’t believe what you’ve heard — blogging isn’t dead. Sure, once-beloved platforms like LiveJournal and Blogger may have fallen out of favour, and “blogosphere” may no longer be something we say with a straight face, but blogging is alive and well and as important as ever.

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  3. bounce-rate

    Getting a lower bounce rate for your site

    Some people view their site metrics the same way they view their bank statements: rarely and with trepidation. All those counts, percentages and graphs can be overwhelming — and in the case of the Big Bad Bounce Rate, downright scary.

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  4. contact-form

    5 steps for creating a better contact form

    If you ask us, there is only one universal truth: people hate filling out forms. Whether you’re applying for a passport, filing an insurance claim, or trying to decipher the difference between a 1040, 1040-A, Schedule B, C and D, we can all agree that forms are the worst.

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