1. wordpress-hosting

    The 4 S’s of a good WordPress hosting service

    Finding good WordPress hosting can be a real pain in the you-know-what. You need a solution that will do your content justice, handle traffic spikes without crashing, and provide support to get you back up and running if things go off the rails at 2 a.m. Ideally, it won’t cost an arm and a leg…

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  2. Is blog commenting dead?

    Is blog commenting really, truly dead?

    There was a time, not so long ago, when a lively comments section was vital to running a successful blog. Comments created value for bloggers and their community, providing space for additional viewpoints, reactions and questions. Sometimes the comments sparked a conversation so good that bloggers would append notes or updates to their posts to ensure…

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  3. tzblog-2

    Picking the best WordPress theme for your client

    Have you ever started to build a WordPress site for a client and realized—after you’ve already invested a good amount of time and money—that you’ve chosen the wrong theme? Or that the theme your client has selected is actually lacking many of the fundamental features they require? With deadlines looming and budgets tightening, a last-minute…

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  4. 5 ways to freshen up your WordPress site this summer

    5 easy ways to freshen up your site this summer

    Ahhhhh, summer. The season of backyard barbecues, trashy beach reads, and FOMO-inducing Instagrams of coworkers’ cottage vacations. But summer is also a great time for WordPress site updates—especially if you’ve been putting off a bunch of important tasks all year. Why? Because unless you work in, say, ice cream sales or pool repair, the pace of business…

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  5. Typography is important!

    Blogging basics: 4 tips for better typography

    Some people don’t like to read. If you’re an obsessive blogger who works in a vacuum, that might come as a bit of a shock, but it’s true. With so many other things to do (climbing mountains, traveling the world, taking risks, watching Netflix), people just aren’t reading like they used to. Sure, there are still some…

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  6. How to use A/B tests to optimize your website

    How to use A/B tests to optimize your website

    Your gut is a good guide for a lot of things—when to eat, what to eat, whether it’s a good idea to call your ex—but when it comes to the design of your website, it can be pretty unreliable. Now, that’s not to say you have bad taste or don’t know your users. But questions of…

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  7. Zinc, a Wordpress agency theme

    Introducing Zinc, a super-powerful agency theme

    The creative community is big. Really big. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of designers, developers, writers, photographers, interior decorators, fashion consultants and landscape architects all vying for attention. It can be hard to stand out—especially when everyone is so damn talented. That’s why we created Zinc, a powerful and pliable WordPress theme for agencies and…

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  8. Should you use "www" in your URL or not?

    Should you use “www” in your URL or not?

    It’s a question for the ages: to www or not to www? For years, people have been asking if there’s any difference between the two, which one (if any) is better for SEO, and whether or not they need to change their site address. Not surprisingly, the internet is full of opinions on the topic.…

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