1. rangefinder-01

    Rangefinder: A Bold Grid-Based WordPress Theme

    In our continued effort to release inspired WordPress themes, we’re proud to introduce Rangefinder, the latest and greatest in our lineup designed with photographers and designers in mind. Rangefinder touts flexibility, customization, and great little interactions like a mobile-inspired menu, animated transitions and fade effects, and attention to detail on responsiveness.

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  2. Agency WordPress Theme

    Announcing Agency: Fullscreen, Minimalist, Responsive

    Announcing our brand new WordPress theme, Agency. Building on the success of our last theme, a minimal design directs user attention to large, fullscreen portfolio items. Agency offers tons of flexibility—including two portfolio templates, and two formats for individual portfolio items. It is a bold statement designed for agencies and freelancers alike.

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  3. Base WordPress Portfolio Theme

    Introducing Base: Let Your Work Do the Talking

    We designed our latest WordPress theme, Base, with a goal of maintaining a minimal design and clean lines to give users an unobstructed view of your portfolio. Base is a super crisp, super responsive WordPress portfolio theme perfect for agencies, freelancers, photographers, artists and designers who want to let their work do the talking.

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  4. Statesman WordPress Theme

    Statesman, a Responsive and HTML5 Ready Theme

    Our three most recent themes, Mesh, Sparks and Blox, have all been portfolio based themes. But, not every site needs a portfolio. When your focus is on writing and blogging, you need an a theme with grace. You need our latest creation, Statesman.

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  5. Mesh WordPress Theme

    Meet Mesh: Our Latest Creation

    Mesh is a clean and well-structured portfolio themes with a focus on full screen media. Perfect for artists, designers, photographers and other creative types. It is fully responsive, so your work will look amazing on screens both big and small.

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  6. Sparks WordPress Theme

    Sparks: We’re Back With a New Theme

    As you may have noticed, a new theme release has been a long time coming. With Sparks, we think the wait will be well worth it. We designed and built Sparks with the creative agency in mind. You’ll see this as soon as you land on the home page.

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  7. zilladribbbler

    ZillaDribbbler: A Plugin for Showcasing Dribbble Shots

    Dribbble is a tremendous community of designers that allows participants to show off works-in-progress, creative processes, and current projects. ZillaDribbbler is a super-simple, super-swish WordPress plugin for loading your latest Dribbble shots into any post, page or sidebar. Handy. Perhaps spice up that “About Me” page you’ve been working on, by slamming your latest shots…

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  8. Blox WordPress Theme

    Welcome to The Blox Party

    So bold and so beautiful, you’d think our latest theme Blox would come with a warning. But you don’t want a warning. You just want—and need—a crazy good theme that will show off the best of you. Guess what? We think Blox is just that theme.

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